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Feline Vaccinations at The Cat Practice

"Where can I find a cat veterinarian near me?" You may be asking yourself that question right now because you want your cat to receive the high-quality veterinary care that only a specialist can provide. Here at The Cat Practice, we have the skills and expertise you're looking for, even when it comes to basic care like vaccinations. Let's look at why vaccinations matter and what kinds of protection your cat may require.


Why Cats Need Vaccinations

Cats need vaccinations as a means of priming their immune systems against common, dangerous infectious agents. The body normally builds and "remembers" an immunity against a disease after it encounters that disease for the first time. Unfortunately, that first time can prove too little too late, especially when it involves a potentially deadly disease such as rabies. A vaccine essentially stands in for the disease in question. This harmless form of the disease cannot infect your cat, but it can trigger your cat's defensive mechanisms to go into effect and stay in effect as long as the vaccine remains potent.

It's true that vaccinations can sometimes cause side effects, mostly mild symptoms such as temporary soreness or swelling. Some cats may also prove allergic to specific vaccinations. However, the positive benefits outweigh any risks to an enormous degree.

Recommended Vaccinations and Vaccination Schedules

All cats should receive what we call "core" vaccinations. These vaccinations offer protection against rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, and feline panleukopenia or FVRCP. They are administered once every three years. Every cat needs to be vaccinated for rabies and as such, we provide rabies shots to our patients once per year. Some cats may need an additional "non-core" vaccination as well. We also offer the feline leukemia vaccine. These booster shots are critical for keeping up your cat's defenses against disease. We will devise a schedule that suits your cat's particular needs.

Kittens should start receiving the recommended vaccinations at around the age of eight weeks. Some vaccinations may be delivered together in a single shot, while others may be injected separately. Your feline will undergo multiple rounds of vaccinations during the critical first year of life.

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