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An Overview of Surgery for Pets from The Cat Practice in Illinois

The prospect of a loved one having surgery can be hard for a family to comprehend. It is important for everyone to have an overview of what happens when their pet needs surgery. There are numerous reasons why a pet might need surgery. In some cases, the animal might have a broken bone that is out of position and needs to be moved back into the proper location. In other situations, the pet might have a foreign body ingested that needs to be removed. Other pets might even have a cancerous tumor that needs to be removed. Whatever the reason, families need to know that this decision to perform a surgical procedure is not made lightly. The Cat Practice is led by Dr. Lori Coughlin. She is here to help everyone in the Forest Park and River Forest areas understand what happens when a pet, such as cat, needs surgery.

Making the Decision for Surgery

When we recommend surgery for a pet, we have reviewed all of the options available. We will meet with our families and discuss all of the treatment options. Then, we will make a recommendation. If we recommend surgery, we will tell our families why. Our staff will explain exactly how the operation is performed. We want our families to know every step involved so that they can make an educated decision.

During the Surgical Operation

On the day of the procedure, we will review the surgery again with our families. Then, we will take the pet back. We will make the patient as comfortable as possible, place the patient to sleep using anesthesia, and then complete the operation. Once the procedure is finished, we will take the pet to the recovery area. We will update the family every step of the way, ensuring that everyone is well-informed. Then, we will discuss the plans for follow-up.

Help from The Cat Practice and Dr. Lori Coughlin

The prospect of a pet needing surgery can be scary for a family to comprehend. Dr. Lori Coughlin of The Cat Practice is here to help everyone in the Forest Park and River Forest areas with their pet needs. We will make sure that all options are on the table to help you and your pet. We want to make sure that our families understand all of the treatment options available. To learn more about our services, please call us today at 708-383-5997 to make an appointment.