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Other Web Sites of Interest

This web site contains links/references to third-party web sites. Links to other web sites are provided to our web site users merely for the sake of convenience. We may not agree with all the content  these sites contain. We list them here because they contain a lot of generally useful information nonetheless.

Other topics of interest may be researched through the pet medical library on our web site.

The Cat Practice does not accept any responsibility for the availability, usability or any liability for damage or injury resulting from the use of such contents, of whatever form.

Animal Poison Control Center
24 HOUR Emergency Hotline for Poison Control

Feline Diabetes
Useful information for owners of diabetic cats.

Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center
Good site concerning feline kidney disease.

Feline Advisory Bureau
Excellent site from the UK featuring one of the oldest all feline welfare societies anywhere.

Cornell University Poisonous Plants Informational Database.

The Great Cat Watch for Wellness Sake
Good site which discusses the problem of identifying sick cats and their subtle signs of illness.

American Association of Feline Practitioners
Organization of veterinarians who have a special interest in cats or operate feline practices nationwide.

Animal Care League
The Animal Care League is a no-kill shelter in Oak Park, IL that adopts cats and dogs to caring families and individuals.

Chicago Veterinary Medical Association
Organization of Chicago regional veterinarians, includes pet loss information, including Pet Loss Helpline and Wings, the support group.

Having a baby? Stop by the clinic for a pregnancy packet containing information on how to prepare your cat(s) for the big event.

Preparing Fido
This is a cd of baby noises to prepare your pet for the new baby.

If you are looking for specific traits in your next cat, this web site can help you find just the right one. Many shelters, including Animal Care League, have cats on this site.
This web site allows you to search from shelters all over the United States for the pet that is best for you.

The Cat Practice on Facebook
This link should take you to the page for The Cat Practice on Facebook, where you'll find interesting bits of information that will be updated regularly.


Royal Canin Pet Food
This links you to the Royal Canin web site, specifically their cat page, which allows you to access information about their diets and their medical library.

Pet Safety Guide

A webpage containing good basic information about food safety, home safety, and preparations for new pet guardians, as well as safety tips for natural disasters. Includes sections on exotic and small mammal species as well.