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Pet Eye Infections

If you're in the Oak Park area and seeking a veterinary practice dedicated exclusively to cats, you've come to the right place. At The Cat Practice, we take your cat's health and well-being seriously, and we're committed to helping you provide them with the best possible life. Sometimes, however, illnesses can make them uncomfortable, and it's crucial to seek prompt treatment. If your cat is displaying symptoms of an eye infection, we're here to provide diagnosis and treatment.

Pet Eye Infections

What Causes an Eye Infection?

There are various potential causes for a pet eye infection. While the majority of these infections are bacterial, many issues can lead to bacteria entering the eye. It may require just a minor scratch or another entry point for bacteria to start multiplying and causing an infection. If your cat exhibits symptoms of an eye infection, it's important to consult your vet for the diagnosis and prompt treatment your cat needs.

Is a Pet Eye Infection Serious?

Pet eye infections can be quite serious, especially when left untreated. In some cases, they can even result in vision loss, and you don't want your cat to suffer from the pain and discomfort of an infected eye. A visit to your veterinarian is the best course of action because it ensures that the infection is accurately diagnosed and promptly treated. This will provide you with peace of mind, and your cat will feel better as well.

Can You Treat Your Cat's Eye Infection at Home?

Since infections typically require antibiotics, it is not advisable to attempt treating an eye infection at home. Using a standard antibiotic cream in the eye is not safe and could exacerbate an already serious situation. Instead of taking that risk or hoping for it to resolve on its own, bring your cat to the vet to receive the appropriate antibiotic or other treatment to eliminate the infection.

Get the Veterinary Care You Need Today

Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? If you're in the Oak Park area and your cat is displaying symptoms of an eye infection in one or both eyes, don't hesitate to reach out to us at The Cat Practice. Our veterinarian and staff are wholly dedicated to the well-being of all the cats we care for, and we want to ensure your cat recovers quickly and regains their happiness and health.