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Pet Eye Infections

If you are a cat owner, you want the best for your pet at all times. When a cat comes down with an illness or is injured, it is important to seek help from a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you live in Berwyn, Oak Park, or one of the surrounding communities, call The Cat Practice when your kitty needs medical attention. Pet eye infections are a common issue that we see at our office. We have put together some information about eye care issues so you can recognize the symptoms of a problem, learn how to treat an eye infection when one occurs, and know what our veterinarian can do to help.


The Symptoms of Pet Eye Infections

A cat that suffers from an eye infection will display signs that indicate treatment is needed to clear up the problem. An infected eye will appear cloudy or glazed. The cat may blink often or keep an infected eye closed in an attempt to avoid further discomfort. He or she may try to scratch at the eye, which could lead to an injury. A cat with an eye infection may have discharge around the eye. This could be clear and runny, or colored and crusty.

How to Treat an Eye Infection

If you suspect your cat has an eye infection, it is important to keep the eye clean so it heals properly. Use a clean washcloth and dip it in warm water to remove any discharge from around the infected eye. If both eyes are infected, use two different pieces of cloth for the cleaning process. If your pet struggles to get around properly or seems to be in pain, it is best to contact our veterinarian for assistance.

What Our Veterinarian Will Do to Help

Our veterinarian will assess the condition of your pet's eyes to determine if they are indeed infected. If an eye infection is to blame for your pet’s discomfort, prescription medication is provided to treat the problem effectively and safely. This is usually a medicine in the form of an eye ointment. Make sure to follow the directions provided regarding the frequency and dosage needed for a full recovery. If your pet's eye has been scratched, our veterinarian will use a special eye ointment to help with the reduction of pain in the eye. Your cat may require a follow-up appointment to ensure that the infection has been successfully eliminated after a few weeks.

Pet Eye Infection Treatment in Oak Park, IL

If you have a cat that is suffering from an eye infection, and you live in or around Oak Park or Berwyn, call The Cat Practice today at (708) 383-5997 to schedule an appointment. Our veterinarian will examine your cat, provide a proper diagnosis, and make sure your furry friend gets the treatment he or she needs to recover quickly.