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About Us

Expert Feline Care at The Cat Practice

We have provided expert feline veterinary care for over 25 years at The Cat Practice in Oak Park, IL. We were named one of Chicagoland's best veterinary practices by Chicago magazine, and are committed to providing a stress-free and peaceful environment for cats. Our goal and focus are to restore our feline patients to optimal health, so they can thrive.

Cats are wonderful companions, and their owners range from singles to families, working couples, retirees, seniors, and more. They are affectionate, amusing, and full of personality. Your cat might exhibit a lot of independence, but that doesn't mean they don't need you to ensure they are healthy.

Routine Exams

When you own a cat, you assume responsibility for its care. Not only do you need to do the basics, such as providing food and water and changing their litter box, but you also have to take them to your veterinarian regularly for checkups, immunizations, and more.

Even at six months, they are roughly ten years old in human years. Cats' needs change rapidly, especially as they enter their senior years.

Nutritional Advice

At The Cat Practice, our team is committed to educating pet owners on keeping their furry friends healthy year-round, using good nutrition and exercise. We know that every animal and pet must be treated lovingly, and we do everything possible to avoid stress or discomfort. Our patient and compassionate approach will help us work with your pet to understand its health needs and effectively treat illness and injury.

Our Veterinarian

We are led by Dr. Lori Coughlin, who owns The Cat Practice. She is a licensed and experienced vet passionate about feline medicine and surgery. Her focus is exclusively on the complex and fascinating world of feline care, and she stays up-to-date with the latest advances in the industry to provide the best feline care possible.

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We have many treatment options, including allergies, arthritis care, flea and tick prevention, wellness exams, preventative care, dental, surgery, senior care, and more. Whether your cat suffers from a chronic condition or needs routine maintenance, The Cat Practice is here to help. To learn more about feline exams and general care in Oak Park, IL, call (708) 383-5997 .