We have specials for senior cats 12 years and older!

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Senior Cat Care

We welcome you and your cats!

There is something very special about older cats. Their calm dignity inspires and delights us and it is a special pleasure for us to work with them. They truly are old friends to us!

Our strong geriatric program has developed from many years of experience with the problems of older cats and their special needs. Older cats represent a large portion of the case load at the Cat Practice and so we see many of them on a daily basis. From experience, we realize that many owners know their cat is aging but think that little can be done to improve his/her quality of life, when in the majority of cases, there is much that can be done to help them.

Good older cat care means more frequent physical exams than is needed for younger cats. Since a year in the life of a cat is approximately 4 years in human terms, many physical age changes can take place in what to us is, a short amount of time. The latest veterinary recommendations for aging cats include a physical exam at least twice a year with appropriate lab tests to monitor in particular, thyroid, kidney and liver function.

Common diseases of older cats include chronic kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism. For more information on these please search the library on this site.

Please refer to the age chart to find out how old your cat really is.

Senior cat care is often intense and requires a strong relationship between owner and veterinarian but the satisfaction derived makes the efforts so worth while.

This distinguished gentleman is 21 years of age! 'Henri' really is in exceptionally good condition for being the human equivalent of 100 years old. He has chronic kidney disease which we are managing with special food, and subcutaneous fluid therapy given by his devoted owner on a daily basis. Regular recheck exams and blood work help us to tweak his treatment as needed and before any given problem becomes unmanageable.