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Preventive Medicine

Dr. Lori Coughlin and the staff at The Cat Practice are experts in pet care. We enjoy helping pets and pet owners live healthier lives. While we do emergency care, our vets believe that preventative care is key to having better long-term health for your pets.

Preventative care now helps you to have better results in the long run. Ask our vets today about preventative care options we have available in the office that we would be happy to help you with.

One of the most common preventative care options for pets is to spay or neuter them. This helps to prevent complications for pregnancy. It also means you won’t have kittens that you can’t take care of. Spaying or neutering also helps prevent mammary tumors or prostate disease. They will be less likely to wander or to get lost and it will keep them safe.

Another preventative care option we can assist you within our office is with vaccines and shots. It reduces the chances of them getting preventable and serious illnesses.

Our vets have preventative heartworm medications you can give your pet so that they are healthier. Ask your vet about their advice. This is a preventable problem and can be deadly if it is ignored.

At home, there is plenty you can do to make sure your pets are living healthier lives. Feeding a good quality diet is a foundation in helping them to be healthier. Ask our vet about pet food options that they recommend or have available. Consult with your vet the best diet for your pet depending on age, size, and breed. 

Bring your pet into our office regularly for wellness checkups so you know how they are doing and they can see our vets. Don’t wait to see a vet until problems develop. You can call The Cat Practice at 708-383-5997 to schedule an appointment today!