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Cat Radiology Services

We understand that your pet is a beloved family member. At times, internal health problems may develop that need veterinary attention. Dr. Lori Coughlin provides a full range of radiology services at The Cat Practice in Oak Park, IL. Our services help to quickly diagnose, treat, and prevent other medical issues from occurring.


How Cat Radiology Services Work

If your beloved cat has a problem that needs medical attention, radiology is one of the most effective diagnostic tools available. We can see if your cat swallowed something that is causing a problem. We can also tell if your cat has other internal issues, like a tumor, fractured bones, or other developing medical problems that need attention.

A Wide Range of Radiology Services

Radiology services cover several highly specialized diagnostic procedures. They can help to identify problems that are afflicting your cat. Some of our diagnostic imaging tools include:

  • Radiographs: We commonly refer to these as “X-rays” and they can help your veterinarian to distinguish internal organs, identify injuries, and locate foreign objects inside your pet.
  • Ultrasounds: These tests often accompany radiographs and use soundwaves to identify internal organs, bones, and objects.
  • CT Scans: Similar to an X-ray but it utilizes a computer tomography scanner to make very tiny images of specific areas. Several scans of your cat’s kidney might indicate a cause of renal failure, for example.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): This test sees less use due to higher costs and the specialized training required to run the machinery. It is mostly useful for identifying spinal conditions in pets.

Most radiology services for your cat will fall under the radiographs or ultrasounds methods. Both are readily accessible and relatively affordable compared to the latter two. As for the CT scans and MRI services, those are provided by an off-site facility and we would refer you to them as needed.

Digital Photography Assists a Rapid Diagnosis

Another great way to ensure that your cat gets the best possible veterinary care is to share digital images with other professionals. A specialist might be able to better diagnose a condition that would confound most other vets. You get the advantage of more trained and skilled professionals providing the best diagnostic analysis, treatment, and follow-up care for your beloved family pet.

Schedule Radiography for Your Cat Today

If your cat is showing signs of poor health, radiology may identify the cause. Our friendly and highly experienced veterinary staff at The Cat Practice in Oak Park will help you find the affliction and determine the best treatment. Call us today at (708) 383-5997.