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Eyelid Tumors

Just like people, cats can develop tumors all over their bodies, including their eyelids. If you live in or near Oak Park, you can bring your cat to The Cat Practice so that our veterinarian, who specializes in cats, can help your feline companion.


Where Do The Tumors Appear?

Most of the time, they show up on the eyelid or conjunctiva of cats. Some white cats can get another type of tumor that affects the eyelid, conjunctiva, or even the third eyelid.

What Do They Look Like?

There are several things that you can be on the lookout for. The bump may be irregular in shape. There may be inflammation around your cat's eye. You may even think it's just a sore.

Are Any Particular Types of Cats at Risk?

If you have a white cat with eyelid margins that aren't pigmented, then that puts them at more risk of getting eyelid tumors. However, any cat could theoretically get them.

How Dangerous is It?

The key to this is early detection. The tumors are usually malignant, which doesn't have a good outlook for cats, unfortunately. Catching it in the beginning stages can prevent it from metastasizing.

How is It Diagnosed?

There are several things that they will do, including a physical exam, biopsying the tumor, conducting diagnostics, and examining it under a microscope.

How is It Treated?

This all depends on what stage the tumor is and whether it has metastasized. If it has, then the only option is to offer palliative care. If it's early, then it might require both the removal of the tumor and the eye to prevent it from metastasizing.

You should bring your cat in for regular visits to make sure there hasn't been any recurrence, which is a strong possibility with malignant tumors, unfortunately. Your vet will be on the lookout for these things during your cat's wellness check, but if you notice something in between visits, you should contact your vet. It can be scary to think about these things, but it's important to be diligent. That way, you can give your cat the best chance at a long life.

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