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Diagnostic Laboratory

Feline Diagnostic Laboratory

Cats have different veterinary needs from dogs. These needs also include diagnostic criteria. At The Cat Practice in Oak Park, we understand how important getting accurate diagnostic results for your cat is. To ensure that we provide you with the correct information as quickly as possible, we have an in-house diagnostic laboratory for most standard procedures. Discover how we can use our in-house equipment to give your cat the best possible treatment.

How an In-House Lab Benefits Your Cat

Our diagnostic lab uses the latest in technology to evaluate samples Dr. Lori Coughlin takes from your cat. Because we can use our lab to get the most in-depth look at your cat's health, our vet can provide your pet with the most informed care. Some problems require confirmation through viral infection tests or urine tests to ensure that your cat receives an accurate diagnosis. With an in-house lab, we can get your cat started on treatment sooner.

For senior cats that are over 12 years old, regular monitoring of their health requires frequent blood and urine tests. Because cats don't always show signs of illnesses, blood and urine tests may be the only way that our vet can identify problems. Some conditions, such as diabetes or kidney disease, have better outcomes if treatment starts before these illnesses cause damage to your cat's organs.

Testing Off-Site

While our in-house lab allows us to quickly analyze samples for the most common uses, we partner with a nationally recognized lab for off-site specialized testing. Dr. Lori Coughlin may send samples to this off-site facility to test for vaccine titers or if your cat needs highly specialized testing. We often use an off-site lab to run our blood testing and parasite testing to provide the most accurate results. Our partner lab has experts in microbiology, cytology, and pathology, letting us tap into their knowledge to help diagnose your cat.

Take Advantage of Our In-House Diagnostic Laboratory for Your Cat

Our diagnostic lab allows Dr. Lori Coughlin to provide your cat with faster diagnoses and better care. If you have a cat that needs regular labs, don't you want a cat clinic that can get the results faster? Contact us, The Cat Practice in Oak Park, to make an appointment for your feline. Call us today at (708) 383-5997 or send us a message online. Become proactive in your cat's care today by choosing our feline-only practice for your pet.