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Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats

As a cat parent, you want to make sure your pet is as healthy as possible. This means keeping an eye on the big things, as well as the little things regarding your cat’s health. At The Cat Practice, serving Oak Park, IL, we want to help keep your cat healthy. This includes preventing fleas and ticks from infecting your cat.


Flea and Tick Education

The best way to fight off fleas and ticks is to understand how they operate. Flea and tick seasons are not necessarily what you should base your prevention methods on. Although fleas and ticks might be more active in certain parts of the country during the spring and summer, fleas and ticks are found year-round in most regions. You should research your area to understand which times of the year fleas and ticks present a bigger threat. However, do not let that give you a false sense of security during other times of the year. Flea and tick prevention is important year-round.

Prevention Methods

We understand that on sunny days you might be tempted to let your furry friend out in the yard to have some fun. Unfortunately, many yards have fleas and ticks that would love nothing more than to make a home on your cat. We do not recommend letting your cat out in the yard.

Your cat will be a lot safer in your home but you may want to use products or a pest service that keep fleas and ticks out of your home. These products are great however some may contain dangerous chemicals for cats. It is important to read the labels carefully and of course, if you have any questions about their safety, we are here to help.

To treat your cat, you need to ask our veterinarian what the best type of prevention will be for your pet. For the majority of cats that we see, we recommend topical treatments as the best form of prevention. We will be able to advise you on the best pest prevention product for your pet. Grooming is an important part of checking your pet for fleas or ticks. Regular visits with our vet are also important. We can check your cat for pests and make sure it is not suffering from any underlying conditions.

Why Is Flea and Tick Prevention Important?

Fleas and ticks carry diseases that are harmful both to animals and people. Some of the most common problems resulting from fleas or ticks are itching, hair loss, and general irritation.

More serious issues in your cat can include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Anemia
  • Tapeworms
  • Irritated/red skin
  • Scabs and flaking skin
  • Dangerous diseases

Visit Our Cat Veterinarian

At The Cat Practice in Oak Park, IL, our team can help you with flea and tick prevention for your cat. We provide prevention methods and can treat your cat if it does get infected. Call us today to schedule an appointment.