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Ultrasounds Help Vets Diagnose Illnesses With Minimal Intrusion

The need for an ultrasound is scary when you are the patient, and it can be even scarier when a beloved pet needs diagnostic imaging. At The Cat Practice in Oak Park, Illinois, near Berwyn, Dr. Lori Coughlin takes every opportunity to make your cat comfortable during the ultrasound procedure. We frequently work with local experts that perform ultrasound tests on pets at our location.


How Does Pet Ultrasound Work?

Ultrasound is high-frequency sound waves that are sent into the body from a probe. The various tissues in a pet’s body interact with the waves differently to form images. These images can help diagnose a variety of ailments or rule out certain issues when examining a cat.

Does Ultrasound Hurt?

At The Cat Practice, we do everything we can to create a soothing environment specifically for cats. This means your feline can enter the examination room in a calmer state, and he will be treated with compassionate care throughout the ultrasound process.

Because ultrasound requires positioning and steady manipulation of the probe to produce quality images, light sedation may be necessary. If so, it will be administered by our qualified veterinary professional.

What Does An Ultrasound Detect?

Two of the primary uses of ultrasound are heart examinations and abdominal examinations. The ultrasound is typically used to look for particular problems that are manifesting as symptoms in your cat.

For example, an ultrasound may be utilized to examine the digestive tract for foreign objects if your cat is vomiting or not eating. It can also be used to search for tumors, kidney stones, bladder stones, and other problems related to the liver, spleen, pancreas, intestines, lymph nodes, and adrenal glands. 

Cardiac ultrasound allows us to detect feline heart disease early and develop a treatment plan. With early diagnosis and a care plan, many cats can live longer lives with heart disease than it was before improved diagnostic testing.

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Dr. Lori Coughlin from The Cat Practice provides essential veterinary and emergency services to Oak Park and Berwyn, Illinois, communities. We focus on cats, and we are prepared to treat your best friend in a calm environment, whether an ultrasound is required or just a routine checkup is needed. If your cat is ill, it is possible a pet ultrasound or other imaging tests will be conducted to find the cause of the problem. Schedule a visit with our practice today at 708-383-5997 to determine what next steps you need to take