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Cat Dentistry

The team at The Cat Practice, in Oak Park, IL, is passionate about overall cat health. We understand that the path to overall health is paved by routine dental care. This means making sure not only the teeth stay healthy, but the gums and mouth too.  Having a healthy mouth is necessary for cats to lead a happy and prolonged life free of dangerous periodontal disease and possible infections that can impact vital organs.

Common Dental Concerns

Just like people, cats need their teeth and gums cleaned regularly. Plaque and tartar can build up along the teeth and gum line leading to periodontal disease like gingivitis. If left untreated, periodontal disease can spread throughout the body, or lead to unnecessary tooth loss. Teeth can also become damaged or cracked. Broken teeth will often need to be extracted so bacteria do not spread to otherwise healthy teeth in the mouth. During a dental cleaning, a veterinarian will also be able to help address any cuts or abscesses in an animal's mouth. Cats have to undergo light anesthesia to keep both the cat and veterinarian safe throughout the procedure. Having a clean and disease-free mouth can help lead to a lifetime of health and happiness for your cat.

Why Dental Health Is Important

Many people bring their cats to our practice once the cat already has an issue with its teeth, gums, or mouth. With regular dental care, a veterinarian is able to help prevent these issues before they become a major problem. Cats use their mouths not only to eat and vocalize but also as a way of interacting with the environment. Making sure a cat's mouth is healthy can translate to an overall good level of health. Often, damaged teeth and gums create perfect sites in the mouth for dangerous bacteria to enter the body leading to sickness and infection. With regular dental visits, it is entirely possible to help catch major illnesses early.

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The Cat Practice, located in Oak Park, IL, is a veterinary office dedicated to specialized cat health.  Led by Dr. Lori Coughlin, our team is passionate about cats. We understand that cats rely on their teeth for a variety of uses, and to achieve the best overall health possible, the teeth need to be healthy.  Dr. Lori Coughlin, our owner, has been working with cats for nearly 30 years. If you would like to make an appointment for your feline friend, call us today at (708) 383-5997. We look forward to treating your cat and getting him on the road to a long and happy life.