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Does My Cat Have an Allergy?

Cats can have allergies too. Many of the symptoms are similar to what people suffer, and your pet doesn’t like the misery any more than you do. At The Cat Practice in Oak Park, IL, we can examine your furry friend, identify the source of the allergy, and recommend treatment. If you suspect your cat may be experiencing allergies, contact our clinic to schedule an appointment.


What Are the Signs That My Cat Has an Allergy?

Your cat may sneeze or wheeze. Her eyes may run. There could be itching of the skin, the eyes or the ears, and she may constantly scratch herself for relief. If fleas are the culprit, the itching might be on the back or at the base of the tail. An allergic cat will sometimes chew on her paws, and swollen paws may result. There could be snoring as a result of inflammation in the throat. If there is a food allergy, the cat might scratch at the head or neck. There could be digestive distress such as vomiting and diarrhea.

What Is Causing My Cat’s Allergic Reaction?

It could be something in her food. It could be common irritants such as grass, weeds, pollen, and trees. These causes are more likely in cats that spend time outdoors. Fleas are another outdoor problem. Sometimes the problem is the products that are used to control fleas. Other prescription medications can also cause allergies. Some cats are allergic to fabric, rubber, plastics, and perfume. Common household cleaners are sometimes at fault.

What Can Be Done for My Cat?

The first step is for your vet to determine the cause of the allergic reaction. We will begin with a medical history and a physical exam. We may recommend skin or blood tests. If the vet suspects a food allergy, a food elimination program could be required. The cat will be placed on a prescription diet for a few weeks, then foods will be reintroduced until the allergen is identified.

For a flea allergy, a preventative program is best. Your vet may recommend topical flea-protection products. Other medications include allergy injections, steroids, cortisone, antihistamines, and medicated shampoos. We may recommend dust-free litter, frequent bedding changes, or baths.

Is There a Cat Veterinarian Near Me?

In Oak Park, The Cat Practice has been specializing in treating cats for over 25 years. We’re a complete Chicagoland clinic providing pharmacy services, dentistry, surgery, a diagnostic lab, and cat boarding. Call (708) 383-5997 to schedule an appointment.