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If you're looking for a cats only vet in the Oak Park, IL, area, you've found us at The Cat Practice. Our veterinarian and staff are dedicated to preserving and improving the health of your cat. To help achieve that goal, we have a pet pharmacy to help you get the medications your cat needs to live his very best life.

Pet pharmacy

Our Pet Pharmacy Can Meet Your Needs

Getting your cat's medications can be easy and convenient when you work with us. When our veterinarian prescribes something your cat needs, you can get it right at our pharmacy instead of having to get it filled somewhere else. Not only is that faster, but it can reduce your stress and help you have more peace of mind as you focus on protecting the health of your cat.

Cat Pharmacy Options You Can Trust

Trusting us with your cat's medical needs is easy and our veterinarian is dedicated to helping as many cats as possible in the local area. You don't have to travel to a drug store or big box store to use their pharmacy just to fill your cat's medications. Those places can be busy, crowded, and stressful. Plus, it can take a long time to get medications filled there, taking up a lot of your day or requiring you to come back later.

We can also have medications compounded by trusted pharmacists to make administration as easy as possible. Alternative routes like transdermal and flavored pills and liquids can make it easier to give medication regularly.

Keep Your Cat Healthy for the Long Term

Work with us to keep your cat healthy for as long as possible. Our veterinarian will help you take care of your cat and using our pet pharmacy means you won't have to worry about traveling out of your way to get the medications you need. This can be especially important if your cat has a condition that needs prompt treatment.

Get Pet Pharmacy Services from Our Veterinarian

When you work with our cats only veterinarian at The Cat Practice, you know our vet and staff loves cats as much as you do. Get in touch with us today if you're in the Oak Park, IL, area, and let's work together to keep your cat as happy and healthy as possible. Call us at (708) 383-5997 for pet care from our “veterinarian near me.”