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Internal Medicine

We strive to provide the very best medicine and compassionate care for your cat, based upon the most progressive and up to date feline medicine. To this end we devote all of our continuing education studies to feline medicine and surgery exclusively. The Cat Practice maintains an extensive veterinary medical library. We are also a long-standing member of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), an online network of veterinary experts and practitioners world-wide. This network enables us to access cutting edge, up to the minute knowledge as the well as the invaluable combined experience of thousands of veterinarians.

Our dedicated and caring team of highly experienced veterinary assistants, in-house diagnostic capabilities and the necessary medical equipment allow us to provide the appropriate and often intense nursing and medical care whenever needed.

We also have the luxury of several specialty referral hospitals in the area, whose advise and expertise we are able to access when necessary. We can call or refer a challenging case when the need arises.