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Healthy, pain free teeth are key to the overall health and well-being of all cats. Cats are prone to developing diseased teeth and gums, often at an early age which they are adept at hiding until the pain and infection is severe. A cat's teeth require the same sort of prophylactic care as people's teeth do. Proper dental care therefore includes routine teeth cleaning, polishing and the extraction of badly diseased teeth. Dry food alone is incapable of keeping a cat's teeth clean and healthy.

A dental health assessment is made each time your cat receives a physical exam. If a dental is required, it will be performed under general anesthesia with the same state of the art monitoring that is used each time a cat is anesthetized for any reason at the Cat Practice. Recovery is quite rapid and no overnight stay is necessary unless special pre-anesthetic care is required.

We have added a new tool in the home dental care of your cat's teeth.  We now have a dental health kit available that includes an appropriately sized toothbrush and toothpaste for your cat. You can watch a video to learn to brush your cat's teeth, too. The web site for the video is Just click watch video and you can see how to start brushing your cat's teeth. It does focus on a dog but the principles of brushing are the same, it just may not take as long to do your cat.

Keep it Clean Pet Dental kit, now available at The Cat Practice