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Named as one of Chicagoland's best veterinary practices by Chicago magazine, we have been providing the best of veterinary medical care for cats exclusively for over 25 years. We do so in an environment of peace and tranquility where cats can better thrive and be restored to health without the stress of barking dogs and lots of noise. All cats prefer calm and quiet but it is no more important than when they are sick or away from home. Comfy beds, real tuna and catnip are a few of the other amenities we provide to reassure them that they safe and secure.

The many years of working exclusively with cats means that we are highly tuned in to their very subtle communications, easily missed by the inexperienced or casual observer. And all of our continuing education is devoted to feline medicine and surgery only, rather than for a variety of species. This enables us to keep up with the most recent information in feline veterinary care.

The Cat Practice is a fully accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association. Regular inspections by this organization ensure that we comply with the association's high quality standards of care.

All of us at The Cat Practice consider ourselves privileged to work only with cats. We emphasize preventive medicine for long, healthy and happy lives and look forward to a lasting relationship with you and your cat. And with the great advances in feline veterinary care, that relationship can last well over 15 years!

We invite you to to stop by for a tour of our hospital and some free coffee and catnip too! For easy to find information about current events and up to the minute news, please check out our Facebook page (see link on the left)!

On a seasonal note, 

Please don't leave your pets in a hot car during the warm summer and spring months. If you have an errand to run, do it before picking up your cat, or ask if your kitty can stay with us for a few minutes while you run to the store before heading home. We don't mind a few minutes of kitty sitting to keep kitty from overheating on a hot day.

Also, since cat emergencies never seem to happen when we are open, please note that VCA Berwyn Animal Hospital no longer offers 24 hour emergency services due to staffing shortages. They will have urgent care hours from 8 am to 1 am, but critical patients may need to be transferred if they require constant care. We have updated our Emergency and Specialty Veterinary Hospital page to reflect this and locations of the nearest emergency centers that we hope you never need. 

Dr. Lori Coughlin
Oak Park Veterinarian | The Cat Practice | (708) 383-5997

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