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Welcome to The Cat Practice website blog!

Hi everyone.

I've never blogged before so please forgive any "rookie" mistakes. I'm not used to putting thoughts and feelings out in the open, so this will probably be more of a place to publicize information rather than musings about cats and vet stuff. 

Big news for the coming holiday- July 4th, is that the clinic will be closed from the 4th-7th (closed Friday, opening back up Monday morning), so some of us can take a little time off. If you will need food or medication, please call ahead so we can get it ready for you. I'm sorry if this will be inconvenient for some of you- we mean no harm, just need a little time off to recharge. Since that would normally be our Senior Cat Friday, we will be honoring the discount the following Friday, as well as the usual 3rd Friday after that. 

Here's a little pearl for you who have taken time to read this. After I clean and wash my litter boxes at home, I spray them with some cooking spray (like Pam spray) especially in the corners, before adding the litter (clumping, for my cats). It helps release the urine clumps from the edge of the box to make cleaning easier. I prefer Cat Attract litter from Dr. Elsey's/Precious Cat. It has an herb mix that is not detectable to us humans, but makes the litter more attractive to cats, especially those who either lived outdoors, or prefer plants and dirt. 

Thats it for this time. Thanks for reading and please be kind if you comment!

Dr. Lori