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How is summer treating you?

Hi everyone, how is summer treating you? Mine has been a mixed bag, I'm actually loving the weather overall, and find this summer polar vortex a nice change from numbers that start with 90.Our cats seem to like it too. What is unusual is how many cats are having massive shedding and hairballs secondary to the harsh winter and delayed spring. You can help this by combing their coats regularly, or if you have a cat who isn't happy about you grooming him/her, schedule a session with a groomer. You can reassure your kitty that this is merely a day at the spa, and humans pay big bucks for pedicures and "catscaping." 

On a personal note, it's been rougher than usual. I had an encounter with a person intent on stealing my purse outside my home. He won, I didn't and there were some bruises and a couple broken bones (a finger and a toe, so nothing requiring casts or surgery). Most of you who were at the clinic in the past 3 weeks may have noticed a black eye; that's why. Overwhelmingly, you have all been kind and understanding. You have also shared your stories of troubling incidents from your past. No one wants to be in "that" club, but there is comfort in knowing that we can survive and move forward, and hearing from you has confirmed that it is possible. 

By now you are probably thinking, wow isn't this a fun blog! Hairballs and mugging! So let's finish on the bright note that summer is also the continuation of kitten season, and many of you have been presenting your adorable new babies for their first exams and vaccinations. I've met Rocco, Circo, Alvin and Theodore among others. And Alvin's mom would probably pass along the reminder that little ones are highly inquisitive and can get into many things that they aren't supposed to. Not a bad idea to go through the house with a fine tooth comb to hide the string and plastic bits that can be eaten and get stuck. Surgery to remove these unfortunate bits can be expensive and have side effects, but most of these kittens who have to go through it recover quickly and go on to live long and happy lives. We just want to make sure it doesn't happen again. So, thank you for making my summer a happier place by letting me meet your newest little family member(s) but let's keep them safe and out of trouble!