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Where did summer go?

Hi everyone,

So how is it that I woke up this week and fall was here? I can barely remember summer, and my cats are very disappointed that they didn't get to have much fun outdoors at all. It always seemed too cold, too wet, or too hot. Lets hope the fall is more dry and more temperate so we can enjoy the season a bit!

In clinic news, we are back to having Ruth at the reception desk nearly full time. She still has some physical therapy to finish, but when you see her, you can tell that she is moving more comfortably. She missed having everyone to talk to while she was out. Kristen's little boy just turned a year old and he's pretty smart. We all got together for a party for him with his clinic aunties this week. Jenny and Amanda are back in school and doing their volunteer work so you won't see too much of them during the week. Michelle is able to pick up more hours, and we are really happy she's back to feeling better. Rachele and Debbie have been busy both at the clinic and personally. Debbie's clay paws have been in demand, and now others are recognising how interesting and beautiful her work has been, not just the clients who are the recipients. 

I have been busy too, but am trying to take a little personal time to spend with family in the next few weeks. Our next big project for the clinic is our AAHA accreditation evaluation that is coming up in November. That means getting the out of the way corners cleaned up, and filling out a really long list of standards online. At times, I wonder if it's all worth it, but it is a good way to make sure you keep up with the latest standards for the rest of the veterinary community. 

As we transition into the colder months, there are a few things to be aware of. Antifreeze is extremely toxic to animals, and the traditional kind has a flavor that is attractive to cats and dogs. Just a small amount can be fatal if ingested, so if you flush your radiators or know neighbors that do, keep your pets indoors until any spills have been rinsed away. It's best sometimes to leave that job to professionals who properly dispose of the waste to prevent exposure. There are newer safer options available as well, if you do change your own. If you do TNR, it's time to get the warm shelters out there so the cats can adapt to them before we get freezing weather. If you want to provide a shelter but don't know how, here is a link I found at the TreeHouse website for Community Cats/TNR.

If you haven't heard of TNR, or know that you have cats living outdoors but don't know how to help, here is a good starting point.

Thanks to TreeHouse for this information. 

So that's going to wrap up the latest blog post for today. Thank you for reading and please feel free to share, too.

Dr. Lori