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It's Christmastime again

It's the time of year to reflect back over the months and be thankful for meeting new friends and patients, remember the special people we've lost, and patients who touched our soul (and  let's face it, a few who left marks on the skin as well as marks on our hearts), and think about the new year coming up- opportunities for improvement, cats we will meet and the hope for happiness for all. I've given up on resolutions, but try to think of the new year as a chance to fix problems (maybe ankle surgery)  and be a better "*****" (fill in the blank-vet, wife, daughter, sister, dancer, cousin, friend, catmom, and financial wizard). Some years are better than others at achieving these goals.

I want to thank all of our clients, who have been overwhelmingly wonderful, understanding, patient, and gracious.  Without you we would not be here. I also want to thank my staff who love cats and tolerate me on not-so-good days  and come in even when they are not feeling good or when the weather is crappy. They are the glue that holds us together, and their care for the cats, including patients, boarders, and resident cats, provides love and improved quality of life for all they come in contact with. I could not do this without them and I am forever grateful for their being a part of the practice. Lastly I have to thank my husband Mike, as he has to put up with late dinners, the occasional emergency requiring a last minute change of plans, and a sometimes grumpy vet after a long and trying day. He is much loved and often underappreciated, and doesn't get nearly the credit for keeping together a marriage and home as is his due. I love you, honey, and I'll be home soon. I just have to finish a few more charts!

You are all a part of what makes me crawl out of bed each day on creaky ankles and get myself presentable to the general public. I know that I'll have a chance to see a new kitten, or spend time talking with a long-standing client remembering the cats of years gone by with fondness, while making sure that their "new cat" stays healthy and remains a patient for many years to come. I have the pleasure of meeting new clients and spending time with my staff, who may drive me and each other a little crazy at times, but who have good hearts and try to do their best for you and your cats each day. You all make this possible each and every day, and I am so very grateful for each and every one of you.

Dr. Lori